Pixel clear

This acoustically transparant woven screen material is certified by both THX and ISF, ensuring superb video and audio performance. Its non-geometric structure allows sound to pass through with minimal attenuation, therefore no modification of the loudspeaker response curve is necessary and comb-filter effects as experienced with perforated screen materials are eliminated.

Pixel Clear is ideal for use in controlled light conditions and its color balance and white field performance characteristics means optimal performance with virtually any fixed matrix projector without any moiré effects.

The Pixel Clear screen comes with a black backing layer to stop projected light from passing through the screen surface and causing distracting reflections from any element placed behind the screen.

Projection type: Front projection

Gain value: 1.0

Viewing angle: 160°

Black back: Separate layer

3D projection: 3D Active

4K projection: recommended min. 2 meter width

Suitable for: Fixed frame A-Velvet Pixel Clear projection screen