In-Ceiling Atmosphere Tensioned

In-ceiling installation

Available fabrics

    • Matt white with black back
    • Matt white with white back
    • High contrast white and grey
    • Micro perforated

Fabric exit from casing

Standard the In-Ceiling Atmosphere Tensioned screen has its screen fabric fall from the front. This way you can install the screen to a wall or ceiling and still have the screen fabric in front of a flatscreen or painting on the wall.


Beamax screens are build with high quality tubular motors from Somfy.

Installation of the motor is standard on the right side of the screen (when looking at the front of the screen).

A cable will run from the back of the casing.

The standard installed motor (230V) has 4 wires; common, ground, up and down. A wall switch is included. The available control options only work with the standard motor.

The optional RTS motor, which has an internal RF receiver (RF remote included) has 3 wires; ground, up and down. Power plug not included.


The screen has a 24 months warranty. The Somfy motor has a 36 months warranty.

Top border

The In-Ceiling Atmosphere screen is actually build because of the top border. A top border with a maximum length of 1400 mm will make it possible to install a projection screen in a situation with a high ceiling and still keep an absolute planar surface because of the special tensioning system.

Fabrics that are available with black borders can have a top black border of 1400 mm.

Screen case

The standard color for our screen casing is white (RAL9016).

The Beamax innovative In-Ceiling Atmosphere model, with newly designed casing that can be integrated into a ceiling or false ceiling, features the new tensioning system with double lower bar and ‘Floating Tensio System’. The screen has a weight-efficient structure that eliminates deformation of the roller, offering the option of longer custom black drop combinations. This screen solution also allows a more convenient and quick installation thanks to the improved new installation brackets and the new lateral cover with magnets system. In addition the screen is provided with safety cables.

Special Tensioning system
Tensioning system consisting of a double lower bar and tensioning cables. The lower bar consist of two weights, one of which is responsible for the vertical force of the material and the other associated with the tensioning cable system is responsible for the flatness of the material horizontally.


  • Powered by Somfy motor
  • Symmetrical aluminum lightweight casing
  • The casing covers nicely the cut-out in the ceiling
  • Maximum length up to 523 cm
  • Custom sizes possible
  • Installation materials included
  • Projection fabric falls from the front to hide your flatscreen tv
  • Multiple fabrics available
  • Several control options

View the In-Ceiling Atmosphere Tensioned screen range here: In-Ceiling Atmosphere Tensioned