Matt white with white back

The Matt White screen fabric represents the top in terms of projection surface quality, guaranteeing perfect planarity, for optimal image reproduction, and excellent light diffusion, by effect of the special embossing of the projection surface. The wide viewing angle, high luminosity, absence of hot-spot effects and exceptional uniformity of colour have made it the benchmark surface of the Beamax range. Owing to its versatility it can be used in different contexts, from professional applications (also in the presence of ambient light) to high definition home theatre systems (recommended for environments with dimmed light). Note that in any case the surface should not be used to shield the sunlight. This would result in a damage and a consequent loss of planarity.

Projection type: Front projection

Gain value: 1.2

Viewing angle: 150°

Fabric thickness: 0,41 mm

Black back: No

Available without black borders: Yes

Available with black borders: Yes

Fireproof certification: M1 – B1

Suitable for:




In-Ceiling Tensioned

In-Ceiling Atmosphere Tensioned



A-Velvet Curved