Professional large
On-wall and on-ceiling installation

Available fabrics

    • Matt white with black back
    • Matt white with white back
    • Rear
    • High contrast white and grey
    • Micro perforated
    • Macro perforated

Fabric exit from casing

Standard the XL-Series screen has its screen fabric fall from the front.


Beamax screens are build with high quality tubular motors from Somfy.

Installation of the motor is standard on the right side of the screen (when looking at the front of the screen).

This screen series can also have the motor installed on the left side.

A cable will run from the back of the casing.

The standard installed motor (230V) has 4 wires; common, ground, up and down. A wall switch is included. The available control options only work with the standard motor.

The optional RTS motor, which has an internal RF receiver (RF remote included) has 3 wires; ground, up and down. Power plug not included.


The screen has a 24 months warranty. The Somfy motor has a 36 months warranty.

Top border

Fabrics that are available with black borders can have a top black border of 400 mm.*

* With certain screen fabric dimensions there is a limitation to the top border.

Screen case

The standard color for our screen casing is white (RAL9016). The M-Series is also available with a black casing.


The Beamax XL-Series are designed for screens with bases sized over 350 cm. This model is equipped with the trademark built-in 108 mm diameter aluminium roller, contained in a case which is open underneath, for easy rolling of larger-scale screens.

The result is an excellent tensioning of the projection surface. This product is also interesting from the installation point of view, which is based on the quick-assembly system, an operation which can be carried out autonomously and with significant time saving.


    • Powered by Somfy motor
    • Symmetrical aluminum lightweight casing
    • Screen from 350 cm up to 456 cm
    • Custom sizes possible
    • Brackets included for on-wall and on-ceiling installation
    • Multiple fabrics available
      • Several control options

View the XL-Series screen range here: XL-Series