Fixed frame screen

Available fabrics

      • Matt white with white back
      • Matt white with black back
      • Rear
      • High contrast white and grey
      • Micro perforated
      • 3D white and grey


The screen has a 24 months warranty.

Screen frame

The A-Velvet has an aluminum frame covered with high quality light-absorbing velvet flock.


The Beamax A-velvet frame screen ensures the maximum level of contrast between the projected image and the black velvet border running along the whole screen. Thanks to this contrast the images on screen are taken to another, much higher level. The 4-way tension that is applied to the projection screen fabric creates a perfectly flat surface. This is the ultimate mix for high end dedicated rooms and high resolution projection, without a moiré effect.


    • Aluminum lightweight frame
    • Maximum length up to 400 cm
    • Custom sizes possible
    • Brackets included for on-wall installation
    • No distortion because of the tensioned fabric
    • Multiple fabrics available
    • Excellent choice for home cinema installation

View the A-Velvet screen range here: A-Velvet