A-Velvet Curved

Curved fixed frame screen

Available fabrics

        • Matt white with white back
        • Matt white with black back
          • High contrast white and grey
          • Micro perforated
            • 3D white and grey


      The screen has a 24 months warranty.

      Screen frame

      The A-Velvet Curved has an aluminum frame covered with high quality light-absorbing velvet flock.

      The Beamax A-velvet curved screen allows you to re-create the immersive experience of a commercial theater in your own home. In stead of a perfectly straight frame, there is a slight curve in the screen, which means the edges of the projected image seem to wrap around the viewer. This creates a more immersive environment and almost draws you into the movie action. It goes without saying that this screen also comes with the benefit of a deep-black border for even more impact of your images. The wide selection of fabrics gives you everything from a reference matt white fabric to an acoustic, micro perforated, version that let’s the sound pass through the screen.


          • Aluminum lightweight frame
          • Maximum length up to 417 cm
          • Custom sizes possible
          • Brackets included for on-wall installation
          • No distortion because of the tensioned fabric
          • Multiple fabrics available
          • Excellent choice for home cinema installation

      View the A-Velvet Curved screen range here: A-Velvet Curved