A-Velvet Pixel Clear

Fixed frame screen

with acoustic woven screen fabric

Available fabrics

    • Pixel Clear with black backing


The screen has a 24 months warranty.

Screen frame

The A-Velvet Pixel Clear has an aluminum frame covered with high quality light-absorbing velvet flock.

The Beamax A-Velvet Pixel Clear frame screen is a ‘one-of-a-kind’ with its beautiful velvet covered frame and superb acoustic transport woven screen fabric. This is the screen for the most demanding home cinema. 4K suitable and speakers can be placed behind the screen without compromise.


    • Aluminum lightweight frame
    • Maximum length up to 322 cm
    • Custom sizes possible
    • Brackets included for on-wall installation
    • No distortion of the screen fabric because of the special tensioning system
    • Woven acoustic transparent material
    • THX and ISF certified
    • Best choice for home cinema installation

View the A-Velvet Pixel Clear screen range here: A-Velvet Pixel clear